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    There seems to be a trend happening in Eastern European countries. It’s “Let’s climb the highest buildings, bridges and towers in our region and then photograph us on their edges.” There have been some significant risk takers of the daring feats such as Vitaly Skywalker who we covered last year. Skywalker got caught by authorities though and has since reduced his stunts. Yet another audacious individual by the name of “Mustang Wanted” is proving to take the hobby, if you can call it that, to a new level.

    Instead of climbing and posing on high points, Mustang goes and then proceeds to hang off of them. Possessing some significant upper body strength, this young Ukrainian hangs from buildings and towers and has his friends take the photos. He even takes the daring feat a step further with such antics as hanging off with one arm or his legs. Crazy? Oh yeah. A small slip of grip would certainly determine a ticket out of this world, yet Mustang isn’t afraid of the consequences. Here’s a link to his website, but a word to the wise:Don’t try this at home.

    Not many afterschool programs in the Ukraine, are there… 

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    Not many afterschool programs in the Ukraine, are there…
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    I am just gonna hang there a minute !!!!
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    Crazy ish
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    I think we know how this story will end
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    Všeč so mi tile Rusi (in hobvijsli tud Ukrajinci).
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    this guy is fucking crazy
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    But how can he support his massive testicles with just a few fingers?
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